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Why book a professional MUA on your wedding day?

Considering doing your own bridal makeup? I’m here to convince you otherwise, and not because its my job! Hiring a professional makeup artist for your wedding day will forever be a decision you are grateful for. We provide a service that is so much more than just making you look and feel incredible on your wedding day.

Deeper Than Makeup

Before I even begin a discussion with a bride about makeup, I always start with skincare. Good makeup begins with good skincare and a quick consultation during a bridal trial, to iron out any issues, can make a bridal makeup look.


It is likely to be your first time as a bride, but you definitely aren't a pro MUA's first! Most makeup artists like myself will have played an integral part in a bride’s prep hundreds of times. We are well versed in the running order of a wedding morning and know it can go by in a blink of an eye. Not only will we play a part in compiling a timeline for your morning, we will also assist in managing it. There is nothing more stress inducing than feeling rushed on your wedding morning!

Deciding On "The Look"

You do your makeup every day, maybe less often. But do you really know what suits you? Do you know how you want to be styled on your big day? Us artists make a living out of taking your everyday identity, along with your wedding elements and makeup ideas, and translating it into a wedding style that will be timelessly you.

Professional Finish

Not only do we help you decide on the perfect look, we execute it. We are trained professionals with years of experience. Having applied makeup on thousands of different faces, we certainly know how to do it well. We aren’t about creating makeup for photos only, your makeup will look great in the flesh, as well as the images you look at in years to come.

Lasting Makeup

It looks great, but will it last? Absolutely, if done by a professional. We know what products will suit your skin and which ones work together like a dream. Your wedding makeup will be put through its paces - tears, hugs, smiles, laughter and kisses, we know what works to withstand it!

My brides even get a custom touch up kit to use later in the evening!

A bridal makeup artist will do so much more than just apply makeup, hiring a pro is a step further to making sure your wedding morning and day is one you will not forget!

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