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Faking a good nights sleep

Whether it’s a small child or a heavy night that’s left you sleep deficient these steps will help to get you looking bright and well rested!


You are feeling totally knackered but the one thing getting you out of bed is a freshly brewed coffee. Stop right there! Caffeine is only going to dehydrate you, and make the skin look lacklustre. Swap the coffee for good old water instead!

Facial Massage

While doing your morning cleanse you can give yourself a mini-facial massage to get that fresh oxygenated blood to the surface and give your cheeks some colour.


Cucumber, eye masks – whatever you have to hand. Get something cooling on the eyes to keep the puffiness at bay.

Vitamin C

Using a serum or moisturiser containing Vitamin C is going to help brighten the complexion.

Glowy Base

Lifeless skin is going to keep you looking lifeless! Using a glowy foundation or tinted moisturiser is going to give your skin a much-needed boost!


The shape of your brows can completely change your face! Brush those hairs upwards and give them some definition with pencil or powder to help lift your eyes.

Lift the Eyes

It’s all about brightening. Not only for the bags but for the eyelids too, use a cream eye shadow base to counteract darkness above and a concealer under the eyes. Choose a concealer in a slightly lighter shade than your foundation for a super brightening effect. A brightening eye pencil in the water line is going to help open your eyes and a pop of highlighter in the inner corner will make them pop. Finish with lashings of maraca!


Stay pink and peachy on the lips and cheeks. The wrong nude lip will wash you out and make the face flat. Bringing colour will bring life!

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