Bridal Skincare

I get questions about bridal skincare regulary. Unfortunately, one of the biggest mistakes made is that positive changes, although made, are made too late.

I am a makeup artist and a facialist, so although I do believe that makeup can transform the face, I also believe that makeup, no matter how expertly applied, will always look better on a perfect base. I believe that any person should have a good skincare routine, bride or not, but if you are guilty of neglect then I have put together a few helpful tips that I believe can help your skin be in its best condition!

- Analyse

Skin conditions often change with the seasons. So analysing your skin in the same season as you are due to get married will give

you a good idea of

what its condition is likely to be. You can analyse your skin yourself by just looking in a mirror in good light but if you need help, facialists like myself will often offer a skin analysis or consultation.

- Diet

I don't mean start eating only carrot sticks and celery. Have a look at your diet, write a food diary and try to spot trends where certain foods may be irritating your skin. We can smother ourselves in lotions and potions, but if we aren't starting from within it will be a waste of effort.

- Water

Drink, drink, drink! Make sure you are drinking at least 7 glasses of water a day and cut back on caffeine.

- Regime

Start good habits. Facial treatments once a month can really make a difference to your skin. Facialists use products that aren't available to consumers and are experts in the skin and how it works. Monthly treatments are fab, but unless you follow homelier advise you are likely to erase the work done by your facialist. Cleanse twice daily and use appropriate skincare for your current concerns. Routines are often hard to break once in place so start early!

- Alcohol

Although it is tempting to pop open the champagne to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, alcohol should be avoided if possible in the weeks before your wedding. If, however, you just can't resist, then drink in moderation and balance it with increased water intake.

- New products

It is risky to try new products in the month before your wedding. Although tempting to try out a new face-mask or treatment, not all products are suitable for everyone and you would end up with a negative reaction.

Lets face it, who isn’t going to be glowing on their wedding day? On the other hand, it never hurt anyone to look after their skin!

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